Need a tool, no problem. We've got you covered! The Ketchikan Tool library is here to loan you tools when you actually need them, saving you money and storage space. Becoming a member is quick and easy, just stop by and fill out an application, show two forms of id, pay your first years dues of $40 (or become a lifetime member for $250) and you can walk out with all of the tools to complete almost any task that a homeowner could face. Its that easy!

The Ketchikan Tool Library is staffed by an all volunteer workforce so be sure to thank them for their time, We would not be here if it weren't for their tremendous dedication. If you have a skill or just some spare time and would like to join our team, speak to a volunteer at the tool library or feel free to call or email anytime. All the free coffee you can drink and the feeling that you are doing a great service for our community come along with volunteering at the tool library. 

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